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Writing about what SEOs write about

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I recently started this blog, yesterday is still recent. And today I woke up thinking about my first post – what should I write? What value can I add to this massive community? Many questions were raised from the Jonathon Colman post, We Can Do Better, and the further discussion on Bill Sebald blog, Own Your Role in SEO. Both posts are a must read and great. However, both scare me. I don’t want to be part of this blossoming SEO-posts trend all around that they are talking about. Neither am I looking to create trends.

While climbing down from my bed, I noticed I was getting close to the point where fear takes over and the easy way out – of just giving up on the project – was getting nearer. Everyone has their own way of overcoming this. What I did is nothing other than my own way, don’t just judge it but help me improve it!

Hands on then. To calm my self down I visited the encounter point for Inbound marketers, which you can guess was: I was, by reading, trying to separate the wheat from the chaff where the first stop is concerned: Categories. First I need to find a category for myself, then I can start walking around and wondering what goes next. What turns out to be next is this post; a break down of posts by category and the most voted posts of each.

How did I do that? First I was about to, through Firebug, change the hidden page limit from 30 to 21222 however I’m always a bit wary of doing so as I don’t like messing around with other people’s websites. So I moved to old-school pen to rewind cassettes. I’m from 1984, so scrolling down each category hundreds of times doesn’t feel like a waste of time. Once I reached the surface, or in this case the bottom of it, I went to firebug just to find the the “animate article” and see how many times it was repeated in each category. The whole process was honestly less painful and faster than I thought it would be.

This is probably not the value I was talking about, however, it is a starting point. had at the start 21,222 posts and 28 categories. It is not difficult to guess which one is our winner – SEO with over 5,000 posts. But what this also gives me is a picture of what people are writing about in the Inbound industry.

This might be more self explanatory:

That is a lot of SEO talking. This might mean 2 things for me: no one is ever going to read me and therefore no one will judge me. But I want to be judged, I want to improve this and what is SEO if not testing and learning?

But before jumping into the SEO sharks category with my blog posts, I had the idea of checking which ones are the most voted posts crossed by categories. I went through it again manually and checked which one is the most voted post on each category and whether the picture differs from the amount of posts:

Maybe we are bit tired of the “Social” talks? Or “entrepreneurship”? Well it is Sunday and I’m still in pyjamas at my place so I guess social is out of question. Not to mention entrepreneurship… I’m definitely posting this into a community whilst waiting to be accepted in it and as I said, I’m still learning.

Comments appreciated.

Started at 11.30 finishing at 15.30. I might improve some things next time.

Special thanks to Ed Fry for allowing me to do this.

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