SEO town crier: It’s a boy! (we need one)

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SEO town crier: It’s a boy! (we need one)



SEO town crier: It’s a boy! (we need one)

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“Royal baby: Town crier Tony Appleton announces birth of William and Kate’s baby son”

Going beyond the new Royal family members’ happiness at the arrival of Prince George which doesn’t really fill me with glee, I really like the idea of the “Town Crier” used to announce the grand occasion.

I have liked this guy since I was a kid, it has that reminiscence of old day histories we didn’t live in, the voice of the Town Crier was the twitter of those days. As the SEO industry fluctuates so much and seeing as we usually live with the fear of myths and phantom updates I think it would make a lot of sense to have a SEO Town Crier position. Mostly this would be for big industry names like Search Engine Watch or  Search Engine Journal and so on and so forth.

Enough. From now on I’m not going to believe any other updates unless they come from a town crier.

For instance next Penguin update:


Or next new content marketing strategy 4.0:


Or the next SEO is dead article:


Or the White Board Friday (which I love):


Seriously everything seems to get some extra power. This guy is good. I could go on and on but I guess you already get the idea :)



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Gerard Gallegos

  • Slava

    waste of time

    • Gerard Gallegos

      I believe we need a figure like that one.

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