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How Interflora changed the view I have of my mum

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How Interflora changed the view I have of my mum


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How Interflora changed the view I have of my mum

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We will always remember February 20 as the day when searching flowers on the Internet would never again be the same – there is no place for love gestures any more. Basically it was the day when Interflora vanished from Google SERPS (but they still let them spend a nice amount on paid).

interfloraBoom. Checkmate Love. Another day another dollar.

EDIT: THEY ARE BACK, but weak.

I can’t and I don’t want to imagine how much money that represents. Also how many flowers were left to fade. But Google has spoken: “I’m the only one giving colour away here” - I can’t unveil the sources though.

What I will do is share my dramatic conclusions, I should probably rename the post to: what the interflora case taught me about SEO, but I’m already working on “what the Russian meteor taught me about SEO”.

meteor“According to David Naylor, head of SEO marketing at Bronco, the disappearance of Interflora is likely to be the result of an aggressive advertorial-heavy campaign by the brand in the run up to Valentine’s Day” (Wired UK)

DRAMA 1: Advertorials were kicked back to where they belong: telling us either that 9 out of 10 dentists use that unflavoured toothpaste that turns yellow into white and grants 24 hours of complete protection and polar-icy fresh breath. Or alternatively revealing the upcoming future of high-tech laundry products by girls with pink or blue wigs. Write it down: in the future even girls will be bald.

Captura de pantalla 2013-03-03 a les 9.06.20 PMDRAMA 2: Mums, don’t let your mum have a blog. But, if you do: don’t let her link to you. Who is Google’s mum!? It’s a Pizza fax delivery system that failed. Excessive pizza consumption is generally a symptom of lack of motherly care, therefore Google doesn’t care about mums. Sad : (

DRAMA 3:   Saint Valentine’s is bullshit. It is just a worldwide commercial that fills the internet with poor quality content. Google hates it. Fact. Just for your own sake don’t be too aggressive on Valentine’s day, stay in, stay safe. Google also hates chocolate, they only eat pizza.


Thank you, you too.


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Gerard Gallegos

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